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  Dryesdale Guesthouse was built in 1892* and is a former manse to the 'North Parish Church' which was a short 10 minute walk to No. 14 Love St. The church was open for worship in 1888 and closed in 1982; it has since been demolished. The first occupants of the house were church ministers: the Rev. James B.D. Young lived in the manse until around 1924 and was followed by Rev. J.R. Merry from 1925 until 1952. Rev. Merry is remembered by many of the local elders.
The house was then occupied by a Mr. & Mrs. Douglas - they were responsible for starting it initially as a house for lodgers. However, Mr. Ross (see below) recalls that the house was operated by a mother and daughter - could this have been Mrs. Douglas' idea, out of necessity when Mr. Douglas passed-on? Anyway, they ceased trading c.1978 and the house passed on to Mr. Gillespie, a local taxi driver ("..who used to stand at the gate and smoke a pipe").
The house was bought from Mr. Gillespie by Bill and Betty Ross who occupied the 'Dryfesdale Guesthouse' (note spelling) between 1986 and 1999 when the present owner - Kenny Turner - took over the operation.
Mr. Turner changed the name to the current 'Dryesdale' 



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 *According to records, the manse was 'bought for the church' in 1892.. There is a possibility that the house was not actually built by the church, but by a local businessman - Peter Ferguson of 'Fleming & Ferguson' shipbuilders. It is very possible that Mr. Ferguson was the first occupant of the house and that the original name for the house was 'Fergus Villa'. Paisley & District Directory of 1885/6 shows 'Fergus Villa' and the occupant as Ferguson, P. The villa existed as far back as, at least, 1885. Research is proving a fair-challenge and the next stop will be the National Library of Scotland in Edinburgh. Watch this space.

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